Learning to Walk in High Heels

                     Learning to walk in high heels can be quite the challenge. Shoes can make or break your outfit and shoes with high heels are often the perfect fashion accessory. Shoes with a higher heel can be very intimidating to those who have never worn them before. I'll walk you through step by step and before you know it, you will be strutting in your sexy shoes!

Step 1. How to Buy Shoes
Obviously the first step in this venture would be to buy a pair of high heel shoes. It is best when first learning to walk in heels to be conservative with your choice. It is much easier to up in heel height than to start with a higher heel and work down. Shoes with heels can be found in almost any height. If you have never worn a dress shoe before, start with a ½ inch to 1 inch heel. If you are comfortable in your standard dress shoes, you may want to start with a shoe with a heel height of 2 to 4 inches. Several factors should go into your choice, as high heel shoes come in a variety of styles. Now that you've chosen which heel height you are going to purchase, consider some different styles. There is the standard pump style with a high heel which offers almost no ankle support. Some high heels are available with an ankle strap that for the novice may be a big help.

Step 2. Balance
Walking in high heel shoes is almost always about balance. It is of utmost importance to maintain proper balance when walking in shoes with any kind of heel to avoid injury. To keep your balance, keep your legs as strait as possible and always be sure to walk from heel to toe. Walking heel to toe allows your muscles to most properly compensate for the unsteadiness of the heel on the shoe. Walking toe to heel has a reverse effect and muscles tend to over compensate quickly to regain balance, resulting in ankle injuries.

Step 3. First Steps
Now that you have your shoes and you are consciously thinking about keeping your balance, you are ready to start walking in those sexy high heel shoes. First start off by stretching your muscles around your ankle and your calf. Sit on a chair and put your shoes on. Stand up slowly, being sure to have equal pressure throughout your whole foot, including the heel. Take short slow steps, again keeping your feet strait and close together. You may feel the muscles around your ankle contract to compensate for the heel. As you feel more comfortable, take quicker strides in the same fashion. You'll be walking in your high heels before you know it.

Step 4. Increase Height
You've mastered your beginner heel height and are feeling very confident in your abilities of walking in high heels, but don't over do it. When you are ready to take the next step, only try increase the heel height by 1/2 to 1 inch at a time. A 1 inch high heel has a more dramatic effect than you may think. This gives your muscles time to adjust to the added pressures and strains and allows your muscles to grow gradually as you increase your heel height.

Please note that while sexy high heel shoes are a must in today's fashion, they can cause health problems. Strained ankles, deep vein thrombosis, shin splints, and shortening of some of the muscles can all occur from wearing shoes with a heel. Many women wear high these shoes everyday with no medical problems and others can no longer wear them from damage they have caused to their bodies wearing them. Start small, go slow, and stop if you feel any muscle strain or pain anywhere. If you follow those simple guidelines, you should be just fine.